Coach to athlete training program

My name is Victor Hugo Moreno. I coach people to compete Triathlon, Trail, Ultradistance and also Marathons.I have certifications in Pilates, Natural Running (newton running), Final Cuts, IronMan, Canyoning, Personal Instructor by Sicced, etc. It can be difficult to make the commitment to training specially with out a personal coach to gide you. I have a young family and bills to pay, too. I’ve coached long enough that I developed strategies to keep the rest of your life sane while you focus on your big goal. I don’t think you need a ton of fancy gear to compete, you need to train Smart. Right now, continuing to I’m training for my next Ultraman Triathlon race at Zacatecas Mexico next November 2018 and of course still working on my coaching practice and taking care of my family. People who work with me they do not even realize that I do such training because I train really early in the morning, so I can be on time to make breakfast for the children and help to get them ready to school. After that I usually go for my second training session that usually is a strength routine at the gym or an open water session. I do not have a swimming pool near by but I’m very fortunate to live in an area that has really nice beaches to do swimming. It took me a little of time to get in to a routine, even now some times I have some problems to wake up in the morning. But it turns easier to get out of bed when you have a goal to achieve and it is really great to have your children and family to support you with the guidance of your coach. It will be a pleasure to work with you and let me help you to achieve a part of your life dreams. Let’s break our mental barriers together! Our training plans are carefully developed focusing in 3 main pillars: Endurance, Strength and Technique.

The program includes

12-week duration

  • Initial Consultation

Meet with you in person, online, skype. We will analize your training history (if available) And will review your personal history, health, fitness levels, lifestyle, work commitments, time availability and goals (short & long term)

Instant online access to your personal designed program


  • Weekly structured planning
  • Detailed specific sessions
  • Gut Training
  • Link videos explaining the exercises
  • Weekly tip video
  • Check List (Triathlon, Trail, Ultramarathon, Marathon)
  • Technique Correction of each discipline via Video Analysis
  • Strength Video Analysis
  • One weekly consultation via e-mail
  • Monthly Coaching consultation via Skype or similar

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